Simple English - Indonesia Dictionary

What is this?

Well, in case you can't read description text above, gKamus is a dictionary program, it translates single English word to it's Indonesian means and vice-versa, it's also equipped with fancy English Tenses, English Irregular Verb Tables and English Alphabet List. gKamus is written in C and GTK+ and licensed under the GPL version 2. See the screenshots.

Where it will run?

gKamus should run on Linux and other *NIX system that has GTK+ support. The previous version of gKamus run on Windows platform but I'm getting bored to build Windows binary on each releases, so it's no longer support Windows anymore, sorry :(.

How to build and install it?

gKamus shipped with standard GNU Build System, you will need GCC, make and GTK+ development files to build it. Consult your distribution package manager to install these required packages, see README file included in source tarball for the complete instructions.

Who wrote this and why?

Hi my name is Ardhan Madras, I wrote this because I was pretty tired to open printed version of English - Indonesian dictionary everytime I forgot the meaning of a English word. If you have any suggestion or nice hacking stuff let me know here, I run a Linux and Open Source Consultant named Rocksis, I also have a @twitter page.


Here is the current version gkamus-1.0.tar.gz.

You can also clone the project with Git by running:

$ git clone git://gkamus.git.sourceforge.net/gitroot/gbilling/gbilling
Finnaly, you can browse for source codes through the gitweb interface.